! Welcome to ufolib Fontizer (C)2003
! For more information see http://jdict.sf.net
! Type 'help' to get help here
% help
!  open_font_file
!  font_info
!  font_set_encoding
!  open_profile_file
!  use_font_as_profile
!  profile_info
!  save_profile_as
!  save_profile
!  calculate_uff_range
!  save_uff_file
!  set_uff_family
!  set_uff_shape
!  set_uff_size
!  list_converters
!  exit
% open_font_file myf.bdf
(via) fontizer.Controller: Src file open myf.bdf
(via) fontizer.Controller: open font file: myf.bdf
(via) fontizer.Controller: open font file readable
(via) fontizer.Controller: detected as BDF file
(via) fontizer.Controller: font source open ...
BdfFont, initChars: number=575
(via) fontizer.Controller: font source open ok
(via) fontizer.Controller: Controller, fontsourceRange: last (592-669) ...
(via) fontizer.Controller: Controller, fontsourceRange: last (592-669) done
(via) fontizer.Controller: finish open src is true
!Font file loaded: myf.bdf
!Font.comment: null
!Font.family: -Gww-Caslon-Roman-R-Normal--33-240-100-100-P-195-ISO10646-1
!Font.size: 0
!Font.shape: n
!Font.type: BDF
!Font.encoding: null
!Font.isFixedSize: true
!Font.range: [FontRange[size=4,ranges=[(32-126)(160-543)(546-563)(592-669)]]