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Ufolib provides full Unicode range for Superwaba
But why is this necessary?. SuperWaba uses the standard PalmOS font data as font resources. These files are able to contain only up to 256 charactors. So, it is not possible to have more than this number of chars simultaneously displayed. This is not suitable for Unicode.
What is the solution? We need a new font file format, which is able to store many more chars in a quite suitable way. Then, consequently, we need 1. a tool/converter to generate such font files from existing unicode font resources, 2. an engine which draws these chars on SuperWaba's graphical surface, and 3. some widgets which use this engine to display its text.
This library solves all the given points, but only in its crucial aspects.
The font file format, called UFF, can be read here (as PDF). Point 1 is done by a converter from a BDF file to UFF file. Point 2 is a set of java classes found here, and point 3 is done by providing a SuperWaba's Label, which uses the UFF engine (no other widgets yet).

See first screenshots.
Use it, see the README.
And here is the javadoc documentation.
Please contribute! See the TODO.
See the font file format UFF (PDF).
The starting converter GUI, first architecture (eps), first gui form.


SuperWaba Java for Handheld
JLex java scanner, for reading BDF file
CUP Parser Generator for Java, for reading BDF file
GNU getopt
GNU Unicode my first font source, a hex to BDF converter
Sun ONE Studio 4 update 1 for the GUI parts


Is there an application using ufolib?
I tested ufolib a bit, but can't get it to show characters I need?
How do I get this BDF?

Q: Is there an application using ufolib?
A: I know about one (my) application

Q: I tested ufolib a bit, but can't get it to show characters I need?
A: Beside the ufolib tool you need a font file containing the characters you need. The font files in the ufolib release "UFF*.pdb" are samples, which contain only a random subset of Unicode.
The full unicode range would let to a file size which is too big for small devices. So you need the suitable subset of the unicode (e.g. the low chars aka. ASCII etc., and the proper font set you like).
You need a font file in BDF format containing the characters you want. Then, use the Fontizer application to select your characters and convert this file to the UFF formated PDB, which can be installed on the device and used by ufolib.

Q: How do I get this BDF?
A: For a start use this
http://czyborra.com/unifont/unifont.hex.gz with http://czyborra.com/unifont/hex2bdf to get a REALLLY BIG BDF font file. And this seems to be a newer version of it


BDF File Format
Get BDF file with ttf2bdf, pcf2bdf, ...
PalmOS Font format
Newsgroup pilot.programmer.waba, or the same as google group


Using ufolib is quite easy! Just these four steps:
1. Get a big unicoded font
2. Run Fontizer to convert the font into PDB, select your favorite subset/parts of the unicode charset.
4. Use the font in SuperWaba with ufolib!
By now, you can import BDF font files, importing TTF is planned. There is also a command line and terminal interface for the Fontizer application.


LGPL Version 2.1


Please contribute! Do not hesitate to ask! Mail via SF or to nichtnur@gmx.de.


Sourceforge Project Page download here!
For convenience, ufolib source as zip.

Copyright 2002 Oliver Erdmann